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The Muse Interviews


Your Story.

Letting it spill out of your thoughts, out of your camera.

Pondering stories you want to tell and how to tell them.

Letting your intuition lead you to stories you didn't know you needed to tell.

Being the visual narrator of your own life.

Gathering a basked full of tools to help you tell your story.

This is what happens inside the Wading In & You are Your Own Muse Classrooms.  This and so much more.

This was my intention from the start, to help people get inspired to share their story through images, through self-portraiture.  I hoped it would resonate with people and indeed it does. 

It is a true honour that some of the incredible people who have taken this class have agreed to tell little glimpses of their stories and to share some of the images that they have taken during the class (and some beyond the class).

They are an incredible collection of writers, mixed-media artists, clothing designers, photographers, artful mamas lots of folks at the door of their creative exploration taking a brave step into exploring their identity as artists. 

They are just like you.

Each week in the You are Your Own Muse Course I interview a different photographer/artist/author to inspire the participants in this adventure.  Seeing the work that these participants of both Wading In and YAYOM have done, I felt inspired to highlight and interview them in the same way and to share it with you here.

I'm so excited to share their incredible talent and beautiful storytelling with you.  I hope that you'll get inspired by them to pull out your camera or to join in on discovering that you are your own muse!

The Muses (I'll be adding to this list as the interviews are posted):

Krista Ross

Nikki Durling

Lelainia Lloyd

Tara Leaver

Kat McCollough

Patti Christakos

Gisele Hardock

Deb Taylor

Tangerine Meg

Bella Cirovic

Reader Comments (1)

you are opening people up. giving them the permission to explore deep into themselves. that my dear friend is powerful. the work you are doing is needed and you are a wise teacher. xo

April 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer

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