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Swan Dive is a deeper exploration of the core content of You are Your Own Muse: your visual voice and your unique story.  While participants are welcomed to take self-portraits, this course is based around creative adventuring and developing our creative voice as photographic artists.  

Through exploring creating and working with textures, layers, playing with double exposures and other 'outside of the box' creative fun we will not wade, but dive into giving ourselves permission to try new things.  I picture us gathered around a big table with other creative souls, with all sorts of fun new creative supplies to try and an a feeling of 'permission' to just make a mess.  That is what we will be doing, but digital style of course!

As with my other courses, you will be gathering with a group of like minded souls in the class flickr group and will be part of a wildly inspiring creative community.

This course is based around creative play (which is at the core of all of my courses) but also giving ourselves permission to try new techniques and through doing so, find out more about our unique creative voice.



The Dates

April 2nd-26th, 2012


The Details:

-3 posts per week which will include a variety of photo prompts, instructional videos, thought provoking posts, interviews and writing activities.

-Access to a private blog on the You are Your Own Muse website.  There you will find the posts throughout the week.  There will also be a blogroll to connect the participants and other goodies in the classroom!

-You’ll be part of a private flickr group where you can connect with your peers and share images.  The flickr group is a truly supportive place to dip your toes into sharing your self-portraits.

-You will receive a PDF Document of the Course during the final class.


The Course:

Week One - Creative Intuition:  During this first week of the class we will dive right in and get playful with deepening our visual voice and developing our creative intuition in post-processing our photos.

Week Two - Exploring Textures:  In the second week of class we will get playful with using textures, both creating them and adding them to our images!

Week Three - Exploring Layers:  During this third week of class we'll explore creating layered images and how this can deepen our visual storytelling.

Week Four - Deepening our Story:  In this fourth week of class we will really get our hands messy creatively and use some of the techniques we've explored to help us tell our personal stories and visual narratives through some really fun activities!



-Any sort of photo taking device!  Be it a point and shoot, DSLR or smartphone.  Iphones and android phones (and a few fun apps) would work be perfect for this class!

-A post-processing program in which you can use layers.  Check out this FAQ for details on which programs will work.  Don't worry if you don't have one, there are some very affordable or free options!

-A flickr membership (its free and if you don’t have one I’ll let you know how to set one up).

-A computer and internet to access the course on a weekly basis as well as the flickr group.



The Course costs 89.00 Canadian Dollars.



Click below to Register!  You'll here from me with a personal message of confirmation of your spot within 24 hours.

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