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I am a Vancouver based Photographer with a great love for capturing authentic beauty and the healing potential of self-portraiture.

I'm a late bloomer to photography, only having discovered its importance in my life 3 years ago, but ever since that day it has taken my world by storm.  I mainly work digitally for portrait sessions but have often been known to pull out a film camera or a vintage camera to get a little something different. 

I became a collector of old cameras and old photos, explore working with images through digital art creation as well as hands-on techniques such as image transfer, darkroom printing and old fashioned printing techniques such as cyanotype.  I'm constantly learning about photography, through self-study as well as taking courses at Langara College and the California College of Art. 

I teach the You are Your Own Muse self-portrait workshops and love helping people invite themselves into their photos and see themselves in a new light!

If you are new here, I encourage you to check out this page and explore my past posts as well as my new posts at the blog.

Thanks for joining me in this space.